About Devonshire Research

Devonshire takes its name from the location of its first offices near Devonshire Street in Boston, near the site of the 1770 Boston Massacre, and in commemoration of the Great Boston Fire of 1872 that devastated most of downtown.

Who is Devonshire?

Devonshire Research Group, LLC (“Devonshire”) is an investment firm specialized in using large scale machine learning, data mining, and deep learning analytical methods across 1,000’s of datasets to determine the long-term viability of technologies, and to assess their competitive advantages.

A long time investor and observer of venture capital-backed and advanced technology companies, Devonshire is a strong believer that many companies and their investors take shortcuts in the race to build and demonstrate value. In today’s market of multi-billion dollar tech “Unicorns”, many investors push otherwise skilled entrepreneurs to over-hire and backfill capabilities rather than invest in building them organically or by acquisition. The “build vs. buy” decisions of old have been replaced by modern theories of “acquihire and pivot later.”

The tech industry has lost its kill switch. In a post-tipping point marketplace where scale is achieved faster than ever before, technology platforms have often become “winner-take-all” propositions. However, in a zero sum market, the displaced technologies are rarely priced accordingly: with “loser-lose-all” adjustments to their valuations. Devonshire specializes in finding companies whose products and technologies are over-hyped, whose research pipelines are past their prime, and whose competitors have achieved insurmountable – but often opaque – scale advantages.

Technology is frequently misunderstood and consequently valued by inappropriate drivers, including social media mentions, polished marketing presentations, and promotional hype. While fundamental analysis of other industries frequently involves classic financial analysis, tech sector valuations are rarely linked directly to operating or financial metrics. This makes classical multiple, financial, cash flow based valuations difficult, if not impossible assessments of enterprise value. Consequently, since the technologies underlying the company's reputation are difficult to analyze from a DCF perspective, valuation rarely has any fundamental component.

Devonshire has a different way to value tech companies, involving the analysis of decades of downloaded engineering, social, IP, legal, trade, and regulatory data. Rather than speculating on the movements of tech company valuations based on website, mobile app, or marketing hype, Devonshire uses deep data mining and semantic analytic methods to extract trends that don’t normally rise above the day-to-day noise of social media and press.

We Specialize in Short Alpha

In a world of long-biased securities, long-only asset managers, and "long-short" fund managers whose portfolios are 2-4x biased long, the art of the short selling is a coveted, if not rare and disappearing skillset. Naively misbranded in media as "un-patriotic" and "evil", associated with "naked shorting", the short seller is frequently misunderstood. We believe the markets need a data-driven, "white-gloved" short seller persona, backed with world class analytics.

We've invested in building datasets and tools that focus exclusively on short selling, and we use these to uncover misvalued companies, expose strategic errors by management, and when necessary, bring these observations to the public investor. We believe investors deserve a better skeptic, to counter the overwhelming information overload of pitch decks, promotional schemes, and - in some cases - well-intentioned but strategically erroneous management plans.

Devonshire's investment strategy uses a combination of short-centric market-facing quantitative data, as well as vast datasets of bearish and short-side indicators. We aggregate these with an intentional bias towards uncovering and generating short side signals.

We follow our own investment advice. In the neverending debate between who to trust, short sellers who might just be seeking to profit from the depression of securities' prices out of their own self-interest, or independent research analyst might be simply in a marketing game to collect sell-side fees, we're taking a position. When we publish research, we invest our clients and our own money alongside the research. We disclose our strategy, and we have nothing to hide.

Devonshire's reputation and brand for quality counter-point narratives in a market full of hyperbole, click-bait, and media hype mean more than short term profits. Our goal is to pursue sustainable short centric alpha generation; that's the Devonshire Research Group edge.

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